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Double Boot Jack - Black

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 JJ’s Boot Jack is made right here in the USA by people who actually wear and remove their boots daily. And since the entire family uses them, they were created as a double boot jack to match every shoe size in the house. With their wide design and flat gentle top, you will find them to be durable yet soft on the bottom of your feet, as well as gentle on your boots.  So after a long day, enjoy pulling your muddy boots off without bending over or getting your hands dirty.

Not a muddy boot kind of person? No problem! JJ’s Boot Jack is great for seniors who struggle to bend over after chasing those grandkids all day. They are also loved by moms, juggling a diaper bag on one hip and their precious baby on the other. JJ's Boot Jack gives mom the extra hand she needs to drop those dirty shoes by the front door without ever bending over. Oh, and don’t forget your neighbor who recently had surgery. JJ’s Boot Jack will be their new favorite post-surgery assist.

Rain or shine, we guarantee JJ's Boot Jack to be the trusted double boot jack the whole family will enjoy.




  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • His and Her double bootjack
  • Soft against your feet
  • No slipping on the floor
  • It’s width provides stability and a stable surface to remove all types of shoes.
  • Built out of nylon plastic - holds up to 3,000 lbs
  • No scratching or scraping of your favorite shoes